World Cup Fever

June 28, 2014

We’ve got a little World Cup fever here at A&E Coffee Roastery & Tea so we’re going to have a little fun with the tournament during the next couple of weeks.

We carry coffee from four of the 16 countries that advanced to the “Round of 16”: the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. So, for each match that these countries win, we’re going to put that coffee on sale for 48 hours – for online orders only. And, should any of the countries continue to advance, we’ll compound the discount for subsequent wins.

To get us started, Brazil and Chile played today and Brazil won on penalties, making our Brazil coffee 5% off through Monday (use the code GoBrazil at checkout). Should they win their next game on July 8, the coffee will be 10% off, and so forth.

In the afternoon game, Colombia and Uruguay played. Without their star, Suarez, Uruguay fell 2-0 to Colombia. That means our Colombia coffee will also be 5% off through Monday (use the code GoColombia at checkout).

Our Brazilian coffee, Brazil Coopervitae, begins with dark chocolate and cherry aroma, this robust coffee features a buttery body, rich flavor and port-like lingering finish. Our Colombian coffee, Cafe Femenino, offers apricot, peach, and tangerine aromas, browning sugar and citrus flavor and a sweet clean finish; all with a nicely developed body. Both are organic and Fair Trade.

Our Kona lovers might want to pay attention here since the US coffee we’re putting on the table is our Hawaiian Kona. If, by some strange miracle, the US goes all the way, that would mean that our Kona would be on sale for 20% off. Our soccer fans know that that would be a remarkable outcome, so there’s something to be said for a remarkable discount to match!

World Cup Round of 16


Update, 7/1

It was a big weekend for the World Cup (of Coffee). Both Brazil and Colombia won their matches, setting us up for a big coffee showdown on July 4. Sadly, Mexico was eliminated by the Netherlands , who came from behind to knock them out of the competition.

The US is playing Belgium this afternoon at 4. The US and Belgium haven’t played each other in the World Cup since the very first tournament in 1930, where the US beat Belgium 3-0. Let’s hope that’s a good sign for today. Keep an eye out for results to see whether our Kona will be on sale for the next 48 hours!


Update 7/3

As you’ve likely heard, the US was eliminated in a heart-breaker this week. But the big coffee showdown is tomorrow at 4 p.m. when Colombia plays Brazil. Tune into the game and then swing back by as one of those coffees will be on sale for 10% off through the weekend!

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