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Tea has a history that extends centuries. It encompasses tradition, culture, art, ceremony, comfort, and healing. To experience the true possibilities of tea, one must use the finest quality tea leaves and natural flavorings. We source excellent quality loose-leaf tea in all processing stages. We offer exclusive hand-blended tea that takes into account beauty, aroma, and health properties. Our teas are distinguished by the quality of the leaf and flavoring components to ensure a premium cup every time. Your senses will give you your first clue as to why tea has, for centuries, been equated with relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. 


“I loved all of them and the packaging is really nice! Well done on your delicious tea.” Maggie Allen


Why Offer Loose Leaf Tea

Tea goes by many different names: te, tee, teh, cha, chai, caj, cay. Its history is as long and complicated as it is beautiful. The origin of the legend of tea goes back as far as 2737 B.C. The Emperor of China, Shan Nong, boiled his drinking water. One day, while boiling his water in the garden, a few tea leaves fell into his cup. The water turned a stunning color and released an intoxicating aroma. When drinking the tea-infused water, he found it to be refreshing and energizing. He commanded that his garden be filled with tea trees, and the custom spread quickly. Tea brings with it a long history of story and culture. As part of a well-rounded beverage program, tea is a wonderful counterbalance to coffee. Chai and Matcha Lattes are a must for any espresso bar. All of our teas can be iced for the warmer months.


Loose Leaf Tea Selection

Your tea program should be an enchanting experience for your customers. We have curated a delicious selection of loose leaf teas that represent the best flavor profiles without overwhelming the decision making process. Our teas are broken down into 6 categories which include black tea, flavored black tea, green tea, flavored green tea, white and oolong tea and finally, herbal tea or tisane. For a well-rounded tea service, we recommend at least one tea from each category. Through our cafe experience, we know how to make your tea program sing.


Private Label Tea Program

Are you looking for a private label tea program to expand your brand offerings? We offer all of our teas as part of our private label tea program. Work with your in-house graphic designer to have beautiful labels on your tea tins. As part of the program, we offer full color custom label printing, label application and finishing touches. With low minimum orders, it’s easy to get started.


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