Coffee Shop Consulting and Services

Have you been dreaming about opening a coffee shop or want to take your current business to the next level? Are you concerned about creating a solid coffee brand, getting the flavor profiles right, sourcing equipment, training staff, and getting to opening day? If so, we can help.

Coffee Shop Start-up Consulting

You’ve spent time, money, and energy preparing for the day your dream launches! Your dream hinges on making a lot of right decisions including your coffee and tea program. Learn from our years of experience to build your brand, while avoiding costly missteps that can sink your business.

  • An initial 60 minute consultation. We do a thorough download of your business goals, business model, and any other aspirations. We listen and ask questions to understand your vision.
  • A guided coffee tasting. We shepherd you through a guided coffee tasting to find out what you love and what best represents your brand.
  • An equipment-needs evaluation. We will determine what equipment you need and why: including build-out needs with electrical and plumbing specifications. You will receive as much as 20% off the listed price for most espresso equipment!
  • We will create a structured timeline so you stay on schedule. We get you to opening day with energy and enthusiasm.
  • An additional consultation that will refine and clarify your goals. Your ideas may evolve and we always encourage that dynamic process. We want to spend additional dedicated time refining your plans with a 60 minute consultation.
  • We provide a personalized equipment maintenance schedule.
  • We take you through the  launch with a final checklist.

We help your dream grow. Building a solid business requires a strong foundation and solid roots. We have seen many businesses come and go. We honor the fact that you are putting a lot into this. We are here to support you and help you grow.

Barista Training

It’s one thing to have an espresso machine and serve drinks. It’s a completely different thing to serve them consistently, have them taste amazing, and keep your machine in tip-top shape. You’ve invested a lot in your brand and your equipment, so now take the time to invest in training your key staff. Everything that is served represents your brand, including the look and taste of your espresso drinks. For owners and managers, the return on investment for our Barista Training is quick and high. Your staff will:

  •  Learn how to serve amazing drinks that will impress customers.
  • Be genuinely enthusiastic and energized about selling and making drinks.
  • Learn how to properly maintain the equipment for longevity and fewer repairs.
  • Be trained on proper dosing to reduce waste.
  • Learn proper posture and place-setting to reduce injury.


“Rachel has been awesome! She is always ready to help when things seem to go wrong or we have questions. She makes sure to explain what’s going on so we are also learning!” Ian Nemiccolo



Routine Equipment Maintenance and Service

Have you ever tried to operate a cafe or coffee shop when your brewer or espresso machine is down? You can’t!  Coffee and espresso equipment is critical to your business success, reputation and profitability. You have invested in your equipment. Routine maintenance is an insurance plan to keep it running efficiently and reduce disastrous down times. Routine Equipment Maintenance is scheduled in advance.

Espresso Maintenance:

  • Thorough equipment inspection and report
  • Deep cleaning espresso grinders and hoppers
  • Calibrating espresso grinder particle size and dosing
  • Replacing espresso machine grouphead gaskets and screens
  • Power washing groupheads and steam wands
  • Calibrating machine volumetrics
  • Cleaning exterior of all espresso equipment
  • 1-2 hours to complete depending on equipment inspection

Drip Coffee Maintenance:

  • Thorough equipment inspection and report
  • Deep cleaning grinders internal components
  • Calibrating grinder particle size and dosing
  • Fine tuning brewer programming
  • Cleaning brewer exterior including spray heads, baskets, etc.
  • 1-2 hours to complete depending on equipment inspection

Equipment Service is provided when your equipment is not working properly. If you have properly maintained your equipment, urgent service calls are kept to a minimum. We hope this never happens, but in reality it does.  We help identify the problem and help you create rapid solutions to keep your business running.

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