Our wholesale team roasts coffee for other businesses and distributes coffees and teas nationwide. We love working with people to help  them build and maintain a successful coffee program. Whether it be a small bakery looking to serve delicious brewed coffee or a high-volume cafe wanting to make perfect coffee beverages for their customers, we want to be there with you. We are committed to bringing you exceptional service along with our quality + sustainable products. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know how we can roast the coffee to get you there.


Integrity, Honesty and Respect are core principles. Every aspect of our business runs through those filters. We stand by our product and service, and will make it right if there is ever an issue. That also means we need open dialogue with our accounts to best serve them. We operate with some old-school ethics of correspondence, open communication and establishing long-term relationships.

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As a coffee roaster, we have the flexibility to create custom blends to suit your needs and meet demand without requiring excessive inventories. Relationship is important to us – not only our relationship with our customers, but also our relationship with the local community, our local environment, and our international community of coffee and tea growerers, and their environments.


With Barista Guild certified baristas and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Lead Instructors, A&E Roastery is qualified to train for both espresso and coffee brewing. We offer new accounts up to four hours of free training at your location.

Included in the coffee training is properly grinding, dosing, tamping and pulling shots, steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos; proper brew ratios, temperature and extraction time.

For tea, we train on proper dosing, water temperature and steep time. We sample the teas and discuss the best steeping method for the account.


We source brewing equipment and grinders to qualified accounts. Having the right espresso equipment for the type of service, space and speed are critical for the program to be successful. We offer bar design and flow consulting for our accounts.

The core components of our business are respect, integrity and honesty. They are the plumb line for all our decisions. Emeran Langmaid


As a specialty coffee roaster we have the luxury of offering a variety of coffees that touch on each of our core motivations: Sustainable, Organic, and Amazing Flavor.

We offer multiple coffee programs to suit your specific needs. The programs are interchangeable, so you can pick elements from each one to customize your coffee offerings.


We define Core Coffees as origins we will have all year round. This program offers both origin coffees as well as blends. Our Core Origin selections offer highly traceable coffees including sustainability marks, bean variety, altitude, and processing method along with information about the co-op and growing region. We offer all taste profiles ranging from light and citrusy to dark and robust. The Core Blends Program offers more variety in the cup. We blend to highlight a prominent flavor characteristic, create balance or complexity. The Core Blends complement the Core Origins Programs by offering diversity and a contrasting taste profile.

To tell the story of the farmers and to connect that to the amazing flavor of the coffee is at the heart of our origin program.


Origin coffees come from one specific region of a coffee growing country. The Special Reserve Program allows us to source very unique, high quality coffees that are purchased on a seasonal schedule. Although each origin may only be available for a few months, these are the coffees that excite us the most due to their amazing flavor complexity and diversity, but also because of the back story of origin they offer. Our Special Reserve Program will feature several unique coffees that will change on a quarterly basis, roughly. This allows us flexibility to move in and out of fantastic coffees we source.

Special Reserve coffee is exciting and always changing as the seasons change round the globe.


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Tea has a history that expands centuries. It encompasses tradition, culture, art, ceremony, comfort and healing.

Tea is so wonderfully diverse. The flavors range from softly flora, to smoky and robust, with everything in between. To experience the true possibilities of tea, one must use the finest quality tea leaves and natural flavorings. We source excellent quality loose-leaf tea in all processing stages.

To maximize your tea offerings, we recommend maintaining a certain amount of the classics, while seasonally highlighting select varieties for your customers. We have two tea programs, making it easy to keep your tea relevant:


These classic teas are a must-have for any tea program. They are the foundation on which to build an excellent tea offering. You don’t need all the classics, but you need at least a few of them of them to anchor your tea selections. The tea classics include the following:
• English Breakfast
• Decaf English Breakfast
• Sencha
• Earl Grey
• Madagascar Vanilla
• Indian Chai
• Rooibos Chai (Golden Spice)
• Oolong


Every season, we will feature a tea that is pertinent to the season. We find that many accounts spend time creating their tea program, but once it is up and running, they don’t modify it. The Special Reserve Tea Program creates a freshness in your tea offerings. This program supports the Core Tea Program by offering something different and seasonally appropriate. The teas span the spectrum of black to white, including flavored teas. They are only available for a limited time.

Match your in house tea selection to the changing seasons with the Featured Tea Program.


If you are looking for a Bagged Tea Program, we proudly offer Harney & Sons Teas. They are a third generation tea importer and blender who offers a beautiful bagged tea program in easy to use tea bags. We sell their most popular collections.