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As a leading roaster in New Hampshire and New England, we know how to unlock hidden flavor gems in the world of specialty coffee. We also know the challenges of running a bustling business. At the end of the day, coffee and tea should be fun. With over 40 years of collective knowledge, A&E Coffee and Tea has the know-how to help make your coffee and tea service profitable, successful, and yes, even fun. We roast coffee, blend teas, and distribute nationwide. We work with people and businesses to help build and maintain an exceptional hot beverage program. If you want to serve deliciously brewed coffee, pour beautiful lattes, and provide an unforgettable experience for your guests, we are here to help. From small cafes to event centers, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll work with you until you’re exactly where you need to be.

“The entire team has been very instrumental in helping create a more profound coffee experience in our restaurant.” Britnie Lia


Coffee Roast Style

We have a saying that sums up our roasting style. “Second cup coffee” means the coffee is so good, customers will want a second cup. How do we do that? It takes years of roasting experience to know how the coffee will react in the roaster: when to add heat, when to add airflow, what rate of rise best suits the specific type of bean, etc. This is where craft crashes into science. There is definitely a sixth-sense that comes with years of roasting experience that leads to the perfect roast. We utilize tools to analytically measure consistency between batches, with the most important tool being our senses. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and even the sense of touch all come into play. All of these qualities synthesize into a perfectly-balanced cup, regardless of roast level. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends, but like any lasting design, a quality coffee that is well roasted will be universally appreciated and enjoyed. We let the beans speak to us and then we do a little dance to shimmy them into their best possible representation. It’s all a little magical.


Coffee Selection

Quality and sustainability are the two most important factors when we select green coffee. In our Core Coffee Program, we offer coffees that are available year round and hit the main coffee categories including light, medium, dark and decaf. Our Special Reserve program allows us to be more flexible and offer unique coffees with interesting and exotic taste profiles. We bring in new Special Reserve coffees every few months to keep our offerings fresh and exciting.


Relationship with Coffee Farmers

Relationships are important to us: not only our relationship with our customers, but also our relationship with the local community, our environment, as well as our international community of coffee growers and their ecosystems. We are nothing if not for the people who sustainably grow coffee! It all boils down to respect for the hard work that goes into planting, pruning, fertilizing, picking, and processing coffee. From our travels to coffee growing regions, we know the immense pride that coffee producers have for their harvest. It’s our absolute pleasure to bring those coffees to your cups. Highlighted in our roasting philosophy is respect for the work of those that came before us by being intentional in how we approach the coffee we buy and roast. Each bean represents years, decades, and sometimes generations of knowledge. We want those stories to shine through all our coffees. Specifically, we go deep with our relationships by having partnerships that go back years. We are always open to cultivating new relationships, as well. 

What do producers really want? They want to sell all their coffee every year so they can plant more trees and grow more coffee. The more coffee we can buy from the producers we work with, the more they can count on predictable-income. When they have predictable income, they can plan for the next year’s crop by investing in equipment and good tree-husbandry. 

We also champion women in coffee! Women coffee farmers make up 30 percent of the coffee growers that produce 75 percent of the world’s coffee. Most of our coffee relationships are with women. Most of our staff are women. By encouraging and rewarding women throughout the coffee industry, we are not only providing for them, but also for their families.


Coffee Sustainability

Our success is driven by our commitment to quality of product, quality of life for our farmers, quality service to our wholesale and retail customers, and an honest sincerity in how we conduct our business. Integrity, honesty, and respect are our core principles. Every aspect of our business is filtered through those lenses. We wholeheartedly stand by our products and services, so if an issue ever arises we’ll always make it right. That also means we need open dialogue to best serve our accounts. We operate with some old-school ethics of correspondence. This is expressed with an emphasis on open communication and prioritizing the establishment of long-term relationships.

The coffee industry is dominated by small farmers in over 80 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We source our product based on quality of taste, sustainable farming practices, and community impact of the co-op or estates. Our approach to sourcing and decision-making with our buying power has significantly impacted the lives of these coffee and tea farmers, their families, and communities. By channeling our philanthropic resources to a few key organizations, A&E can make a remarkable impact: both by purchasing green coffee and supporting non-profits locally and abroad.


Private Label Coffee

Your brand is your identity. Your brand should work for you, too. Our private label coffee program is a great marriage between our delicious coffee and your brand. What a better way to bring your brand into customer’s homes than on a coffee bag. With our in-house graphic designer, we can create beautiful full-color labels. If you have a printed bag, we can fill them with our beans, as well. We love to see brands grow and expand, which is why we have low minimum orders. Here’s another thought: We also do branded gifts for corporations. Impress your customers or employees with coffee that is as amazing to drink as it is to receive!

“From day one A&E Coffee was extremely supportive of my vision for my coffee brand.” Valerie Volinski


Wholesale Tea

Tea has a history that extends centuries. It encompasses tradition, culture, art, ceremony, comfort, and healing. To experience the true possibilities of tea, one must use the finest quality tea leaves and natural flavorings. We source excellent quality loose-leaf tea in all processing stages. We offer exclusive hand-blended tea that takes into account beauty, aroma, and health properties. Our teas are distinguished by the quality of the leaf and flavoring components to ensure a premium cup every time. 

Our curated tea offerings complement any hot and cold beverage program. Your tea program should be an enchanting experience for your customers. Through our experience in cafes, we know how to make your tea program sing.

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