Where Are They Now: MVP Craig

October 16, 2012

We decided it was high time we caught up with Craig Belowski, our official A&E 10th Anniversary MVP. Craig, you’ll recall, showed us all how it’s done by deploying a mob of social media contacts to lobby for his MVP win, back in May. He’s a frequent traveler, but we got him to answer a few burning, caffeine-fueled questions for us:

How has the MVP title changed your life for the better? Got to introduce some great people to some great coffee…as well as having the memories of an amazing contest run.

Team Craig was a force to be reckoned with. How does Team Craig stay in shape in the post season?Lots of digital automarketing done by a big part of Team Craig…….as well as drinking plenty of coffee, of course.

Team Craig showed us all how it was done.

How are you putting your MVP privileges to use (what are your favorite coffee blends and beverages)? I sent the winnings to a dozen people who made the biggest impact on the contest. Free coffee was never what this contest was about for me. I still pay for my large espresso, bunch of ice, splash of whole milk everyday just like always.

How are you balancing the demands of career, family and fame? Hardwork & Dedication…only way I know how.

Can we ask a personal question? What is it that you do, exactly, that involves so much travel? I coach car dealers on how to effectively use the internet to help sell more cars.

We know that you are a terrific ambassador for A&E in your extensive travels – how many A&E converts can you claim to have cultivated? Definitely have created lots of fans from all over the country. I’m not sure the numbers but I have some local friends who now frequent the cafe, some out of state friends who have coffee shipped & recently friends from Burlington,VT, The Cape & Western Ma have made a point to stop when near by.

Is there a coffee concoction that you would love to see A&E create? I’ll leave that to the experts. I’m a simple man, to me coffee doesn’t need a concoction just a cup & some ice.

Advice for aspiring MVPs? Decide at the beginning of the contest to win……. & go find some other title, this one’s not up for grabs.

And there you have it – MVP Craig, humble, hard-working, social media savvy, a practical coffee drinker, and an impressive ambassador for the roast.

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