Top 5 reasons you should support A&E Coffee & Tea with your Holiday Dollars

December 19, 2016

1. A&E Coffee & Tea contributes nearly 90% to local economy

Over the years, A&E Coffee & Tea has pumped over a million business dollars back into the local NH economy through business expenses. The largest portion of that is payroll to staff, who in turn, are committed to shopping and supporting other local businesses. A&E is also committed to buy from other local purveyors such as The Dutch Epicure, Oasis Springs for our greens, Benedikt Dairy for our yogurt, Bartlett Dairy Farm for our milk just to name a few. With an in-house chef, they scratch-make many pastries, soups, sandwiches and salads; much of which is sourced locally.

2. A&E Coffee & Tea promotes international stability

Planting coffee at Capucas.

Capucas Coffee Co-op in Honduras

Not only are they committed to their own local economy, they are committed to buying coffee from small communities around the world that pump money back into their own social infrastructure. Many of the communities A&E works with have built schools and medical clinics, as well as implemented better farming techniques, organic practices and much more. Direct trade provides transparency in dollars, and with spending millions of dollars over the years on coffee, transparency is critical. By supporting agriculture coffee communities world-wide, A&E Coffee & Tea is helping establish a viable and sustainable income for some of the world’s poorest people groups.

3. A&E Coffee & Tea supports local charitiesphoto

Nearly all the requests for charitable donations are answered by A&E Coffee & Tea. Many are for local school fundraisers, raffle prizes for non-profits, liquid coffee for fundraising races and events, gift certificates for the Humane Society. The list goes on and on. With pressure to reduce government spending, it is up to local business, organizations and individuals to fill those gaps. A&E Coffee & Tea is a committed partner to local non-profit organizations.

4. A&E Coffee & Tea owner, Emeran Langmaid, is a mentor

Emeran Langmaid is a mentor to the A&E Staff as well as other women seeking to start their own businesses. Many of A&E’s employees are first time job seekers. Emeran is committed to instilling good work ethics and skills that can be transferable to other jobs and careers down the road. She is a mentor and sounding board for her young staff as they navigate the world after high school.

5. A&E Coffee & Tea has the best coffee and teawhite_cup_with_black_coffee_311538

A&E has offered single origin coffees since their beginnings back in 2001. They work with outstanding coffee and tea producers, brokers and importers to bring customers the best and most sustainable products available. It stems from a foundation of respect, trust and integrity, not only for their coffee and tea partners, but for each other and their customers. The best coffee and tea is not 100% about the flavor, although that is a huge component. It also includes the consistency of product, relationship, and mutual growth.

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