There’s no place like A&E for the…(holidays!)

November 5, 2013

Fast-forward just a smidge. It’s November 28, 2013. A light sprinkling of first-snow dapples the windshield of the car. You are surrounded by loved ones, cozy, and dreaming of pumpkin pie at your destination, where you are sure to be surrounded by family and friends. Depending upon your particular situation, one or several of the following may occur:

1) You arrive and are greeted by the unmistakeable and sweet vanilla aroma of the A&E Brazil Nossa bean brewed to perfection by your Uncle Smitty. You turned him on to A&E coffee last Thanksgiving (with a bag of the A&E Holiday Blend, naturally), and he’s been hooked ever since. Who’s waiting for pie?! The coffee is ready – let’s get Thanksgiving started! Later, you promise not to tell your Aunt that you caught him smoking behind the wood pile, but only after he offers to hook you up with a month’s supply of Ethiopia Sidamo (and in your case, that could be quite a haul of beans).

2) With family far away, you spend the holiday with friends – and the friends-of-friends who are hosting happen to have the A&E dream A&E Custom Coffee Roasteryhome espresso set up. The grinder, the espresso machine…the whole works (ask us about it at the café). It’s the ultimate home espresso experience. And they’ve even gone so far as to take A&E’s classes on Pulling the Perfect Shot and Steaming Milk Like a Pro. You definitely picked the right people to holiday with. Said hosts are delighted that you showed up with a bag of A&E Holiday Blend (A&E Pro Holiday Tip: Holiday Blend is a guaranteed friendmaker. You will be invited for years to come. We’ll be posting it on the website very soon.)

3) Your mother-in-law still isn’t sure what she thinks of you. And she knows what she thinks of coffee – it’s just not her cup of….heeeeey tea! She LOVES tea. A&E has loose leaf, hand-blended teas for the tea-lovers on your gift list. May we suggest: Brighten Your Day. A bright, cheery blend.

4) Gift certificates. Gift certificates don’t have to be the “no-think” gift – in fact, when you are purchasing a gift certificate from a local, family-owned business that happens to sell excellent specialty coffees and teas, they’re incredibly thoughtful for the folks on your list that enjoy good beverages.

5) Christmas stockings aren’t just for children – and we have great stocking stuffers for grown ups.

6) Coffee and Tea Accessories. We may be a small shop but we stock the goods for the holiday season and nobody knows better than we do what you need for the coffee and tea people you love. We are happy to make recommendations. Browse the A&E website for gift ideas, or come into the shop in person.

As the holiday season approaches, we will feature more of our favorite holiday picks. Stay tuned!

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