Coffee Bean Flour {Treat yourself}

Coffee Bean Flour {Treat yourself}

Something green is cooking at A&E Coffee beans? Well, yes.  Always. Right now I’m referring to coffee beans that are left a little more green and then used in baking. Dan Perlman, a Brandeis professor, recently discovered a way to use lightly roasted coffee beans...

A 2011 Coffee and Cancer Study Roundup!

This article gives a nice overview of some of the most significant “coffee’s health benefits” articles of 2011. Certain types of endometrial, prostate, skin and breast cancer seem to respond in a good way to relatively high amounts of coffee consumption. Endometrial...

Coffee and the fight against skin cancer

Our love of coffee means we’re even more delighted when we discover a link between coffee and health. Here’s a bit of good news from the AARP website that shines a hopeful light in the fight against basal cell carcinoma: skin cancer’s most common form. According to...
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