December Café Event Highlights

December can be a busy month for many, and we are no exception. Grab your planner; here are the December highlights on the A&E calendar! First: Our upstairs sitting room is now open. A place to lounge and sip, chat or read, and make yourself at home while you’re...

Thanksgiving and gratitude

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have no idea where November went! It seems like the October 30 snowstorm was last week. However, the whole month of November flew by, and we are well into December. Before it gets too busy with the holiday rush, I want to take a...

Flavor Amplitude

Flavor amplitude describes the fullness and balance of a flavor. Iconic food and beverage brands that have high flavor amplitude include Coca Cola and Heinz Ketchup. No matter how other brands try, they can’t topple these two brands when it comes to taste. These...
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