Coffee and the fight against skin cancer

Our love of coffee means we’re even more delighted when we discover a link between coffee and health. Here’s a bit of good news from the AARP website that shines a hopeful light in the fight against basal cell carcinoma: skin cancer’s most common form. According to...

Summer means fruit smoothies!

It’s summer here in New England and we are rolling our our 100% crushed fruit smoothies. Over the years, I have tried many smoothie mixes and, in my opinion, none have come close to Dr. Smoothie, a provider of 100% whole fruit smoothie concentrates. Many other...

Espresso – Good for Beans, Not for Roasting

Espresso – Beans we Love; Roast Level we Don’t I was talking about roasting recently and someone asked about ‘espresso roast.’ While other shops may use this as a roast level, we do not. Technically, espresso roast is a very dark roast but, ironically, it...
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