Specials for February at A&E

February Special 2016

February 1, 2016

The key words this month are floral and spice. What is the best way to deal with the winter doldrums? Spice it up! What is the best way to dream of springtime? Bring in the rose and lavender. We are not messing around with these specials. Come by our Manchester or Amherst location and enjoy these culinary coffee delights.

Spiced Coconut Latte

February 2016 Specials

Spiced Coconut Latte

This drink combines traditional Indian spices with the bright taste and aroma of our Nuovo Espresso. Turmeric and coconut blend savory and sweet tones to create a rich and complex taste profile. The most unusual among our specials, it will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

As a spice, turmeric has been really interesting to me over the past couple years. I have heard from customers that it is has some anti-inflammatory properties. It is also fun for home science experiments. Did you know that you can make pH paper using this spice? Just soak coffee filters in water with turmeric and let them dry. Paint it with a base, like baking soda water,  and it turns bright red. Vinegar, or any other acid will neutralize the color back to yellow. Try it on a snow day!

And who knew? Turmeric is delicious when combined with A&E espresso and coconut. I could have guessed that.

Pistachio Rose Cortado

February 2016 Specials

Pistachio Rose Cortado

In the pistachio rose cortado, the rich creaminess of pistachio dances with delicate floral notes to a tune of coffee satisfaction. We stir a hint of rose and vanilla syrup into our espresso and top it with our pistachio tea-infused farm milk.

Pistachio black tea was a huge hit over the holidays. We have been exploring new creative ways to bring it into drinks. This cortado was the perfect occasion. Our pistachio rose cortado is a cozy, warm and bright. It’s perfect for a cold winter day.

We will only be making the infused milk for this special during the month of February, so make sure you come by a try it while it’s here. We have had great success with our tea milk infusions. If you are interested in trying this concept at home ask a staff member A&E about our whole leaf teas, and we will help get you started. If you like flavored milks but want to avoid all the sugar that comes in them, milk infusions are a fantastic option for you.

Werewolf in London


Nichole “the original gangster” Declerqc

Our staff feature for this month, the Werewolf in London was the brain child of our Sales Director, Nichole “O.G.” Declercq. Wholesale accounts know her as the coffee lady. We know her as the original gangster. Whispers of Nichole’s drink have carried in the café for the past two years, since she originally dreamed up this refreshing concoction. Now we are bringing it before the public sphere for all to enjoy.

This drink is an artistic take on our traditional London Fog. It combines soothing earl grey tea with peppermint, lavender, and vanilla. The Werewolf in London is the perfect drink to sip over, while contemplating the meaning of life, or just studying for your next exam.

Taking an approach to specials that honors the coffee

At A&E we have been  shifting  our idea of flavored lattes to really highlight the intricacies of our espresso. We spend so much time sourcing fruity and flavorful espresso beans and dialing in the extraction of our espresso, that is seems a shame to cover its nuances with heavy syrups. As we move towards a more culinary approach to espresso drinks, we are working to highlight and compliment the flavors in our espresso, not to cover them. Any ideas or requests? Like us on facebook at A&E Coffee Roastery and Tea, and send them are way. We’ll see what our team of experts can do for you.


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