Red Flower Jasmine Tea: A Tea Experience

August 15, 2012

Our Red Flower Jasmine tea

expands the definition of the art of tea, going beyond process and into the visual realm. Each hand-tied tea blossom is pretty to look at, and as any “flower” should, each has a lovely floral aroma.

Individual green tea leaves are wrapped and gently tied together by hand to form a compact bud. When brewing this tea the leaves actually expand and “blossom” in your cup, delivering a flavor that is very smooth, sweet, with a lovely floral aroma and flavor. Serve them in a long stemmed wine glass for the full effect of the blossom. Each tin has four beautiful globes. Steep them for 3-5 minutes with 180-190 degree water for best results. According to some sources, the bundles can be reused a couple of times without evoking bitterness in the tea, but you can experiment with this to see what you think.

Something so lovely is perfect for a special occasion, but also has the power to make the everyday moment unique.

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