Roaster Exploration Series: Brazil


SOLD OUT! Go down the rabbit hole of roasting with us in our inaugural Roaster Exploration Series. We are exploring how roast impacts our Brazil Sundried Coffee. You will receive a 12oz bag of each coffee. Taste how the roast impacts the flavor. Click on PRODUCT INFORMATION to see the roast graph.

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Roaster exploration series

We’re excited to launch our new coffee series: Roaster Exploration Series. In our inaugural box, we are roasting our Brazil Sundried two different ways. This coffee is a clean, complex natural. By approaching the roast style from different angles, we are able to highlight all the complexities and flavor nuances this coffee offers.

For those coffee geeks, below is the comparative roast graph. Every degree/second shift dramatically impacts the coffee flavor. For the Light Roast, we go hard and fast to drive the heat into the core of the beans. The Rate of Rise (RoR) is the jagged graph and the Bean Temperature is the more even line. The RoR is the speed of the temperature change in the bean. Here is a great article explaining why RoR is important: Rate of Rise article

Roast graph

Brazil Sundried

We traditionally develop our Brazil coffee a little more to give it a deeper, heavier body and to mute the wild fruit. It is considered one of our darker coffees. However, we started to play around with a lighter profile and were amazed at how different the flavor profiles were. As a lighter roast, the sundried aspects really shine: earthy, fruit cocktail, cedar.

Brew Method Recommendations

Since these coffees are so different, initially brewing them the same way. This way, you can really see how the roast impacts the flavor. Then, we recommend the Dark version in a french press (1:12 ratio) and the Light version in a pour over (1:15 ratio).

Let us know

We are always interested to hear about your experience with our coffees. In this case, we are diving deeper into the roast process and are happy to go into more detail if you are interested. Please share your story with us: which one did you like? why? what surprised you about these coffees? You can send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram or email

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