Relationship Coffee Norma Lara

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Norma Lara’s coffee is BACK! This is a direct trade relationship spanning 7 years. This year’s crop is as good as ever. We taste guava, raw honey and clementine.


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Origin Facts
Altitude: 4900 Ft
Variety: Pacas, Catuai
Processing Method: Washed
Species: Arabica
Harvest: January-April

Tasting Notes
Aroma: cream puff, vanilla
Taste: raw honey, guava, peach
Body: buttery
Finish: clean, smooth

Back Story
Norma Lara is a small producer in Ocotepeque, Honduras, close to the boarder of El Salvador. She has just under two acres of land, given to her by her father in 2010. She works in the cupping room at Cocafelol co-op, and is striving to produce better quality coffee every year. Norma really sees coffee as a legitimate career and means of livelihood for her and her kids. She and her daughter take classes at the co-op learning organic horticulture methods, processing methods, and cupping for quality. Her daughter opened up a small cafe in their community. We love supporting Norma and her strive to elevate her family through coffee.

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