Nicaragua La Ilusion

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High-grown, exquisite yet delicate coffee that has notes of persimmon and chamomile. It’s a great cup of coffee that offers intriguing flavor notes if you are looking for them.

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Back Story

This coffee came to us by surprise. We were looking for something a little different and up popped this offering. The producers in Nicaragua have worked hard over the past few years to bring more exciting and complex coffees to market. This one certainly fits the bill.

“Finca La Ilusion certainly earns its name. The farm is perched on a mountain ridge between 1750 and 1900 meters above sea level, making it the highest in all of Nicaragua. Getting to the farm is quite a trek; even 4×4 trucks risk getting stuck. The farm’s seclusion wraps it in tranquility, with old growth primary forest stretching down the mountainsides and the clouds floating into the farm make for dream-like scenery.

The farm belongs to Francisco Valle, also the manager of our Nicaragua export partner Expocamo. When Francisco first heard about a coffee farm at such a high elevation in a remote location, he didn’t believe it was possible. It wasn’t until he ascended the mountain to arrive at La Ilusion that he saw the illusion to be real, with sweeping pine forests surrounding the farm and expansive views opening to the valleys below and chains of mountains in the distance.

The coffee was in a state of neglect when Francisco took over. Lack of management over the years left the soil depleted, plants had overtaken coffee trees, and the general state was one of deterioration. Francisco was up for the challenge, and in the five years since has transformed the forgotten farm’s seven hectares into one of the most stunning coffee properties in Nicaragua.”

The label is painted by Madeline Jones.

About Our Coffee


Certified organic coffee is produced according to sustainable practices, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful agrochemicals. In order for a coffee to be certified organic, the farm must undergo evaluation from an independent certifying agency. The U.S. has its own organic standards, requiring a roasting facility to be annually inspected and certified in order to be labeled ’organic.’

Fair Trade

Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.

Shade Grown

A traditional farming method in which coffee trees are grown alongside other crops under a canopy of taller trees. The mixture of vegetation prevents erosion and protects the coffee from harsh weather. Shade grown farms also provide vital wildlife habitat.

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