Lemon Drop Ginger Tea

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A sencha green tea with ginger, real lemon, lemon grass, and honey. 2oz

Lemon Drop Ginger Tea

A refreshing, bracing, and slightly sweet blend of sencha green tea, ginger, lemon pieces, lemon grass, and honey. This delicious tea has amazing medicinal properties. The lemon peel and lemon grass offer fever, pain and swelling reduction; green tea provides a light level of antioxidants. The ginger is the real powerhouse in this blend, though. Ginger has a fiery zing that gives both the raw and dried form its medicinal characteristics. Ginger is widely known for aiding in digestion and soothing upset stomachs and nausea but is also said to cure coughs, colds and even headaches. Whether you’re drinking it for its restorative properties or for its delicious taste, this tea makes a wonderful cup at any time of day.

Steep for 1-3 minutes with 180-190 degree water.

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