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Guatemala, La Voz (FTO)


Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Balanced and Clean. (Organic, Fair Trade)


Product Information

Origin Facts
Co-op: La Voz
Altitude: 5250 feet
Variety: Bourbon, Typica
Processing Method: washed

Tasting Notes
Aroma: brown sugar, vanilla, milk chocolate
Taste: sugar cane, orange, pure
Body: round
Finish: sweet, clean

Back Story
We have a direct relationship with this co-op. We visited this Spring and learned what is important to them. Organic practice is extremely important. Erwin, one of the farmers, explained to us that in his religion, people were made from the earth. The Maya believe that people were created because the gods wanted sacrifices to be made to them. The animals were not able to sacrifice properly so the gods attempted to make humans out of mud and wood, but both attempts failed. The gods created a flood to get rid of these attempts. They ended up making humans successfully from corn with the help of lightning from a nearby mountain. Fair Trade is also important. With the Fair Trade premium, they are able to have an on-site women’s medical clinic. The co-op also has women on staff as well as women farming members.

About Our Coffee


Certified organic coffee is produced according to sustainable practices, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful agrochemicals. In order for a coffee to be certified organic, the farm must undergo evaluation from an independent certifying agency. The U.S. has its own organic standards, requiring a roasting facility to be annually inspected and certified in order to be labeled ’organic.’

Fair Trade

Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth. We achieve our mission by certifying and promoting Fair Trade products.

Shade Grown

A traditional farming method in which coffee trees are grown alongside other crops under a canopy of taller trees. The mixture of vegetation prevents erosion and protects the coffee from harsh weather. Shade grown farms also provide vital wildlife habitat.

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