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Ethiopian Natural Coffee

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Product Information

Ethiopian Natural Coffee

Origin Facts
Altitude: 6600 ft
Variety: Heirloom, Cultivar
Processing Method: Natural
Species: Arabica

Tasting Notes
Aroma: sweet berry, floral
Taste: blueberry, strawberry, lavender
Body: round
Finish: crisp, clean

Back Story

Sidama coffees exemplify this wealth of flavors and landscapes. From the rugged mountains of Bensa, to the valleys of Dale and Aleta Wendo, there is coffee. Sidama produces more washed coffee than any other zone in the country and has built a reputation for quality over many decades.

This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms of the Shanta Golba Cooperative, which is located in the Bensa district. The Shanta Golba Cooperative is part of the Sidamo Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (or SCFCU). (SCFCU) was founded in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperatives in Sidama Zone of southern Ethiopia. Today, SCFCU has grown to represent 53 primary cooperative societies and over 80,000 farmers making SCFCU the second largest coffee producing cooperative union in Ethiopia. Nearly all coffee produced is shade grown in low densities under the canopies of indigenous trees and enset, a staple food crop. SCFCU has been Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade Labeling Organizations (FLO) since 2003.

About Our Coffee


Certified organic coffee is produced according to sustainable practices, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful agrochemicals. In order for a coffee to be certified organic, the farm must undergo evaluation from an independent certifying agency. The U.S. has its own organic standards, requiring a roasting facility to be annually inspected and certified in order to be labeled ’organic.’

Fair Trade

Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth. We achieve our mission by certifying and promoting Fair Trade products.

Shade Grown

A traditional farming method in which coffee trees are grown alongside other crops under a canopy of taller trees. The mixture of vegetation prevents erosion and protects the coffee from harsh weather. Shade grown farms also provide vital wildlife habitat.