Enchanted Forest

Wake up the world of wonder with this magical tea. It blends chocolate, coconut and dried fruit for a warm, sumptuous tea.
Ingredients: Apple, Cacao Beans (Organic), Chocolate Bits, Chocolate Flavor (Natural), Coconut (Organic), Coconut Flavor (Natural), Cream Flavor (Natural), Indian Black Tea (Organic), Rooibos (Organic), Vanilla Flavor (Natural), White Chocolate Bits

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Have you ever been to an enchanted forest? Now, thanks to our Enchanted Forest Tea blend, you can experience the magic any time. This unique blend features organic apple, cacao beans, chocolate bits, and coconut for a rich and indulgent taste. We also use natural flavors like chocolate, coconut, and cream to enhance the flavor profile without any artificial ingredients. And of course, we wouldn’t forget the tea base – this blend uses a combination of organic Indian black tea and rooibos for a caffeinated kick. Finally, we top it off with a touch of natural vanilla and white chocolate bits for a truly decadent experience. Try it hot or iced for a magical twist on your daily cup of tea.

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