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Burundi, Kiryama


2nd place winner in the Burundi Cup of Excellence 2015, this coffee is amazing. It features an intense fig, blackberry and sweet lemon. (12oz only)

Product Information

Origin Facts
Processing Method: washed and dried on raised beds
Cultivar: Arabica

Tasting Notes
Aroma: fig, raisin, melon,
Taste: creamy, blackberry, rich
Body: round
Finish: sweet lemon, clean

Back Story
This is another coffee that make such a incredible difference in the lives of the coffee producers in Burundi. Not only is it important to purchase quality coffee, but it is also important to have transparency and trust in the management of the wash station and co-op. Not only does this coffee have an intense aroma and flavor, it is directly impacting the producers lives. Emeran met Jeanine at a cupping of coffees she was showcasing for her cousin’s wash station. Jeanine runs a non-profit, Friends of Burundi international, which supports Burundi women. She realized how important coffee was to the community and how critical women are to that trade.  It is so important, that she just launched her own importing company, JNP Coffee.

Trained to grow better quality coffee and negotiate prices, women typically reinvest 90% of their income back into their families and community. This transformative cycle of change creates a

more sustainable future for us all. JNP Coffee promotes gender equity from seed to cup — teaching sustainable farming methods to women and recognizing the value of their labor with premiums for their crops.

Working with women coffee farmers in Burundi, we know that it is possible to do well by empowering women throughout the coffee supply chain. “Women-produced” specialty coffee commands a premium in today’s markets. Sharing that premium with these farmers empowers women, improves lives and community health.

In the 2016 harvest, we traded most of the woman-produced coffee available through the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA). Every woman coffee farmer received a bonus payment for their cherries as their portion of the premium our company received for the sale of this specialty coffee. These additional funds are transforming people’s lives, bringing market knowledge and access to improve their livelihoods and in turn, their communities.

After earning four years of bonus payments, Anthère and his wife, both members of IWCA, celebrate their ability to afford tuition for their children in elementary and high schools as well as college. This year, they bought natural fertilizer and are happy with their early results, they told an interviewer. In addition, they have purchased new coffee plants, and have been able to build protective walls for them.

Another family used their bonuses to buy additional hoses and fertilizer, with hopes to afford a cow in another year.

About Our Coffee


Certified organic coffee is produced according to sustainable practices, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful agrochemicals. In order for a coffee to be certified organic, the farm must undergo evaluation from an independent certifying agency. The U.S. has its own organic standards, requiring a roasting facility to be annually inspected and certified in order to be labeled ’organic.’

Fair Trade

Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth. We achieve our mission by certifying and promoting Fair Trade products.

Shade Grown

A traditional farming method in which coffee trees are grown alongside other crops under a canopy of taller trees. The mixture of vegetation prevents erosion and protects the coffee from harsh weather. Shade grown farms also provide vital wildlife habitat.

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