Our Wholesale Partners: Frederick’s Pastries, a New Hampshire tradition

September 18, 2013

Frederick’s Pastries is a family business – and a second generation of the family is now at the helm. Founded 33 years ago by Frederick Lozier and his wife, Gloria, Frederick’s is now under the direction of their daughter, Susan Lozier Robert. Frederick’s is also one of our wholesale partners.

Under Susan’s direction, Frederick’s now has two new shops (in Bedford, NH and North Andover, MA) in addition to their original A&E Wholesale Partner Frederick's Pastries - Caramel Apple TorteAmherst shop. We are proud to have A&E coffees featured in two of the shops, the one in Bedford, and the one in Amherst, right down the street from our café. The shop is a decadent collection of cakes, tortes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, pastries like cannoli, whoopie pies, tartes, caramel apples, and so much more. They even have specialty desserts for people with special dietary needs, like their gluten-less product line. They also encourage those with special requests to contact them directly, to see what might be possible. Need a cake or dessert for a special event? Ask Frederick’s. Need wedding favors? Ask Frederick’s. Need a LEGENDARY cheesecake? Look no further.

They also offer private and group cake/pastry decorating classes, and birthday parties! These give you a fun, hands-on experience, as well as an appreciation for the artisanship of baking.

Patrons of an artisan pastry shop deserve a coffee experience to match. We at A&E start with the best organic, free trade beans and roast them to perfection to make sure that happens – just as the creators at Frederick’s begin with their best ingredients and attentiveness to detail, in bringing you delicious treats. Coffee and pastries are a classic pairing – and we are proud to call them an A&E Wholesale Partner.

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