Only at A & E: Kenyan Kia-Ora

February 10, 2012

Ah, Kia-Ora. This coffee is very special – we are the only roaster in New England serving it. And that is not its only unique facet…it is the first certified-organic Kenyan coffee.

Despite Kenya’s long history of coffee-cultivation, certified organic coffee is only a recent addition to its repertoire. Due to a variety of challenges, certified organic comprises only 10 percent of Kenya’s annual coffee exports. More than 60 percent of Kenyan coffee is produced by farmers who have less than two acres of farmland. Since the country is made up of small farmers and co-ops and there are no large co-ops producing coffee, the three-year certification process was either too costly or burdensome for the small producers. No longer, though: Kia-Ora is here.

Located in Thika, Kenya, about 30 miles north of Nairobi, Kia-Ora Farm recognizes the need for environmentally-friendly farming techniques and encourages the inter-cropping of macadamia and coffee. The macadamia canopy acts as a carbon dioxide filter and provides greater bio-diversity as a bird habitat. The shade-grown coffee takes longer to grow and, as a result, has a richer flavor.

With its notes of both chocolate and wine, and a citrusy and bright flavor, we’re roasting it with a light hand to highlight the buttery, wine-like flavors.

Quantities of this unique coffee are limited – we only have about a bag and a half left! – don’t miss your chance to enjoy such a rare treasure.

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