On the Bus to NY for the NERBC

(North East Regional Barista Competition for those of you who were wondering.)

The last time I was on a bus traveling by myself was when I was 12 or so going from Kansas City to Bella Vista, Arkansas to visit my grandparents. (What where my parents thinking?) All I remember was being incredibly excited.

Now that I am older, traveling takes quite a bit more effort and planning, so my pre-bus boarding mood was not so giddy. However, now that I am on the bus, I have to admit, this is a GREAT way to travel. Get this, there is an outlet on the back of the seat in front of me and the bus has free wi-fi. I am plugged in! This beats driving or flying any day.

I am on my way to the Big Apple to attend a Regional Barista Judges Certification Workshop tomorrow. If I pass the test, then I will be judging in the NERBC on Friday and Saturday. Although I would rather be reading my US Magazine, I am reading, highlighting and memorizing the 2010-2011 USBC (United States Barista Competition) Rules and Regulation.

Since I competed as a Barista last year, I am somewhat familiar with the requirements. My goal last year was to compete for the experience, but ultimately, the goal of the United States Barista Competition is to find the best USA Barista to compete in the World Barista Competition. Stated simply in the Rules and Regulations manual, “The judges are looking for a champion.” From that perspective, judging takes on a different meaning. On that note, I had better hit the books again. “Acceptable spill/waste is up to 5 grams of unused coffee per beverage category. In order to earn maximum points the waste should not exceed 1 gram of unused coffee per beverage category. Wasting more than 5 grams of coffee per beverage category should result in 0 points.”

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