November’s Featured Artist: Jared Aronson

November 20, 2013

For the month of November, in the café, we’ve been featuring the work of artist and entrepreneur, Jared Aronson. We usually include a bit of info about the artist in these posts, but he did a really great job of summing up himself, in his own words, so here goes:

My name is Jared Aronson and since a child I knew my life’s passion was to draw. This dream was almost compromised when I was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, confining me to a wheelchair sinceJared Aronsen, A&E Coffee, Madhouse Tees I was six.  As my body began to suffer the effects of my disease so did my ability to draw. I was determined not to let my passion for art deteriorate along with my body and have maintained a positive outlook on my situation by using laughter and humor as an everyday treatment. I believe that if you are laughing you are living.

Today I am able to continue my artwork with the use of a Logitech Trackball and the limited use of my thumb to create my original humor tees called Madhouse Tees. My business produces and sells tee shirts with humorous graphics and sometimes accompanied by equally funny slogans and sayings. My dry sense of humor comes out in every shirt I design – (for example) a banana slipping on a person.  My unique humor has come in handy during my challenging life.

I now live everyday with the use of a trach ventilator and it often takes up to 20 hours to create one design. I will never give up because even though I live with a physical disability it doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent.  I’m lucky to have been born with an amazing talent to draw and I’m never going to give it up.  With the incredible help of my parents and nurses I’m going to continue to use my humor to put a smile on everyone’s face. Check out my Madhouse Tees now! 

Indeed, check out Jared’s website – and don’t miss his work here in the café during rest of this month.


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