November Featured Artist – Amherst Cafe: Carolee Clarke

November 10, 2014

Carolee ClarkAlthough Carolee did not begin dabbling in art until after retirement, art has always played a central part  in her life, whether through visiting museums, attending art shows or embarking on her own arts and crafts projects.

Post-retirement Carolee became a student of watercolor at the Institute of Art in Manchester and the Sharon Art Center. The fluidity and transparency of watercolor allows for a spontaneity when painting that she finds intriguing. Clear and transparent colors also impart an element of mystery to Carolee’s work, often begging the question, “What lies underneath?” She has recently begun to combine her watercolor pieces with collage in an effort to further this feeling of mystery. Combining acrylic, watercolor and collage, Carolee has begun to explore the use of abstract form to express an idea or statement.

“It is healthy to laugh, and to even laugh at oneself,” Carolee explains. This love of humor can be found in her series, “Ladies with Attitude,” and the paintings titled, “Postcard from Imagination” and “Intersections of a Very Messy Mind.” She hopes these paintings can serve as an invitation for others to relate with a sense of lighthearted humor.

Ultimately Carolee views art as a mode of communication that also serves as a valuable tool in her search for understanding amongst the diverse populations of the world.

“In my mind, art can be the catalyst for understanding and empathy among all people,” says Carolee.

And most importantly, art has been an opportunity to express her inner being and feelings, and by doing so, to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Be sure to stop in and check out Carolee’s work this month and while you’re at it, try one of our specialty drinks like a Pumpkin Chai Latte or a Ginger Spice Cortado!

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