February 24, 2012

UDEPOM. It’s not a glamorous name, but it’s easier to say quickly than “Unión de Ejidos Profesor Otilio Montano.” UDEPOM is the Mexican coffee-growers co-op that produces a delicious Arabica bean that we feature. Their bean imbues the resulting coffee with a rich, sweet aroma, and a mellow, nutty, balanced flavor.

However, UDEPOM is about much more than fair-trade and organic coffee. They also harvest similarly fair-trade and organic honey…and their work supports biodiversity and environmental conservation in their region. In fact, in this region, coffee farming is a critical ingredient to combating the perils of deforestation, and restoring habitats for native species.

Chiapas, home to UDEPOM, is located at the southernmost tip of Mexico, near Belize and Guatemala. It is humid, and tropical. Most of the coffee producers there are small ones…which is remarkable, considering that they produce about four million sacks of coffee each year. It is also a gorgeous place, with scenic, verdant, dramatic landscapes. See for yourself in this lovely video.

When we learn more about the origins of even something as simple as a daily cup of coffee (or however many you prefer), it is moving to see the connections…between the coffee, the plants, the place and the people involved. Even drinking that simple cup of coffee can contribute to a more positive outcome on another part of the planet. Deliciously so.

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