Meet the Roastarians: Sam Delay

July 23, 2014

“I absolutely love being a part of this business because we truly care about our impact on the local and global community. Coffee producers are constantly struggling to make ends meet…their well being is one of our top priorities.”
~Sam Delay


A New Hampshire native, Sam came to A&E after a change in direction and quickly realized it was a great fit for him. He went on to take courses through the Barista Guild of America and currently works as the Espresso Trainer for A&E, training both the café baristas as well as those baristas working for A&E’s wholesale accounts. With a focus on quality control, Sam ensures that A&E’s products shine when served. When he’s not pouring a (well crafted) shot, Sam enjoys music and woodworking.

Hometown: Milford, NH

Favorite Beverage: Pour over coffee

Fun Fact: I love the ocean.

I take my coffee: Black

SCAA Courses Taken: I have taken about ten different classes through the organization, mostly about the elements of espresso and coffee. They also cover things like latte art and understanding how coffee is grown and processed.

Favorite part of the Coffee Industry: I am most stoked about the sense of community the coffee industry can provide. It is full of friendly people you genuinely care about making a difference in the world.

When not Working at A&E: I play the guitar and am part of a band, The Doodads and Don’ts. We do not play live much right now, but we do have a couple CDs available.

Sam will be pouring shots at both the Manchester and Amherst cafes. Come in and say hi!

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