Meet Daivd Harris, Milford artist

February 21, 2015

David Harris is a Milford, NH resident who enjoys working on still life and landscape paintings – often done on location. He has worked extensively for several years with Alex Farquharson at the Sharon Arts Center. Mr. Harris believes that his landscapes suggest special places close enough to civilization to be accessible, but far enough to enable a deep contemplation of our place in the world.

His work will be adoring the Amherst A&E Coffee & Tea cafe walls the month of February. “As always, we are so happy when an artist wants to showcase their work in our cafes,” says owner Emeran Langmaid. “We have been blessed with work from artists of all mediums including oils, acrylics, mix media, felt, knitting, photography, jewelry, soap…and of all ages and experience. We truly want the cafes to be an gathering place for all to feel welcome.”

If you are interested in showcasing your art in either the Amherst or Manchester location, please contact Emeran Langmaid:

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