May Featured Artists in the Café: A Woven Thread, Part 2

April 29, 2013

If you’re just tuning in this week, on May 3rd from 6-7pm we are hosting a reception here at the café for the handcraft of the A Woven Thread collective (Check out our previous blog post – insert link here). A Woven Thread are a group of Rohingya women, New Americans who arrived after fleeing Myanmar. The women of A Woven Thread arrive in the United States with skills in sewing and handcrafting; for example, they weave baskets and tote bags out of old newspaper and magazines. The necklaces that will be featured at the May 3rd event were born out of taking the weaving idea and tweaking it to create something that was fun, and beautiful to make.

The materials that they work with support the authenticity of their craft. Their yarn is fair trade, recycled, and also supports a small New England business. Nicole Snow of

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The necklaces begin with this beautiful recycled sari yarn.

Darn Good Yarn, in Maine, has been supportive of the group and helpful in making sure that the collective has the best yarn possible. The yarn that they use also supports cooperatives of women in Nepal and India. This specific yarn is made out of old vintage silk and chiffon saris. That is where the name A Woven Thread comes from – because it’s connecting women from around the globe; continuing on the story of the thread by empowering and supporting women to reach for a hopeful future. By only using this recycled sari yarn, the women are not only supporting and empowering themselves, but they are weaving the thread by continuing to support women overseas.

This makes their creation process, from start to finish, something that we are A & E are proud to support. It embodies the values of worker empowerment, fair trade, and respect for the planet that we work to express through our coffee and tea products.

At the May 3rd reception you will get a chance to meet some of the women face to face – the very hands that create the beautiful product. See you there!

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