May Featured Artists In The Café: A Woven Thread, a collective of New Americans, redefining their own future

April 18, 2013

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As you may have gleaned from our Facebook teaser posts about the May Artist Reception, we are very excited to bring you this event. Our Art In The Café series is designed to feature local artists, something that we think is important to our community. The May Reception introduces new elements to the event, ones that we feel are also important to acknowledge in our community. The issues of displaced peoples, and worker-positive fabrication processes, are ones that pique our passions here at A & E.

The Rohingya are a displaced population who have been, as Katie Berube of Lutheran Social Services (LSS) says, “living in limbo” as refugees in Malaysia, for the past twenty years. They have endured cultural alienation and oppression, as well as brutal ethnic cleansing. There are many Rohingya who are now living in the Nashua area. Groups like LSS are working with them to help them develop what they need to survive as New Americans.

Though the Rohingya in Nashua are all of similar ethnic background, they do not necessarily know one another, nor do they come to America with connections to the Nashua community. It is important for them to engage with one another, and with the community, in ways that help them strengthen their knowledge, their skills, and their relationship to the community.

The A Woven Thread collective, our Featured Artists for May, is a participant-driven artisan collective that does just that, bringing women with creative skills together. On May 3rd, from 6-7pm, we feature the art and community that they create, here at the the café.

Their art is wearable, beautiful jewelry, woven from the fabric of recycled saris. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll tell you more about their work, their materials, and the self-driven process that ends in the beautiful items that they make.


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