Manchester Cafe One Year Anniversary

A&E Manchester Cafe

July 1, 2015

July is a very special month for A&E- the month marks the opening of the café’s second location in Manchester. Over the past year, the Manchester café has grown greatly and has fulfilled very important roles that have contributed to the café as a whole. As we reflect on the first year of Manchester’s opening, we remember not only the past and current challenges, but also the accomplishments that we have achieved.

Rachel Niemi, Manchester’s Café Manager, has loved managing Manchester over the past year and is very excited to see the café grow in the future. One of the biggest challenges that she and her staff have faced is educating the customer on who exactly A&E is and that the Manchester location is an extension of Amherst’s café and roastery. “Amherst has been around for years but our customer base in this area had no idea we existed. People in this area like to support local business but had no idea that they could support a business like A&E in the city of Manchester”, states Niemi.

Rachel making a Pour Over Manchester

Rachel making a Pour Over in Manchester

Like many new businesses, the accumulation of regular customers was slow. The Manchester staff however did not use this time poorly- they used it to their advantage by creating and experimenting with new ideas and drinks. The employees of both cafes now refer to Manchester as the “Coffee Lab” because of their ability to create new ideas for drinks.

The “Coffee Lab” concept in Manchester will shift outward to give customers an opportunity to be fully immersed in coffee culture. Rachel is pushing for extended hours to host classes and demos dedicated to coffee, covering everything from latte art to all the types of different brew methods for coffee.

Whole-leaf Tea

Whole-leaf Tea

In addition to be the “Coffee Lab”, Manchester has become an environment where local artists can showcase their talent. Like the Amherst café, Manchester allows an artist to display their work as a featured artist. Since Manchester has an ever-growing music scene and is conveniently near the New Hampshire Institute of Art, the café hosts musical performances every Friday night which has in turn created a bigger customer base and sense of community.

Rachel and the rest of the A&E staff have nothing but good memories from the past year as well as exciting aspirations for the future. “We now have regular customers like Amherst and are constantly meeting new people who love our coffee. I’m so excited for what the future has in store for the café.”

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, our Manchester location will be hosting a four-day span of events that you won’t want to miss. There will be everything from a latte art competition, local music, craft fairs, to a puppet show. Below is a poster with all of the information of Manchester’s one year celebration.  Click here for a view or our Fun Fair Events Poster Manchester Events Poster

We hope to see you there and thank you for your continued support!

Manchester Cafe Bar: Lea, Clare, Rachel

Manchester Cafe Bar: Lea, Clare, Rachel



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