Making coffee matter

January 24, 2012

The rich history of coffee is one that spans the globe, a history of magical beans locking the flavor of a place within them, waiting to be released into a cup, to be savored. It is also a history that connects continents, and connects people. Each bean speaks the language of the soil, the weather, and the hands that harvested it.

Through World Vision, we at A & E Coffee have made that connection literal. World Vision supports poverty-stricken communities throughout the world with training, supplies and funding for important community projects.

By investing in the work they do, we infuse spirit into the work that we do. We currently sponsor three children through World Vision. Each child is a resident of a coffee-producing country: one is from Nicaragua, one from Ethiopia, and one from Tanzania.

Regular sponsorship newsletters tell us about the projects our sponsorship supports in the communities that our children live in and the projects are important ones. We know that we’re supporting water and sanitation projects, education, food creation and agriculture, healthcare, and HIV education projects…the critical projects that make a child’s world a better place.

It’s only fair that the benefits of a bean grown in Tanzania, or Ethiopia, or Nicaragua, should be shared with those who give their labor to create it. We are proud to ensure that they do. Interested in sponsoring a child yourself? Contact World Vision.

Meet our sponsored children:

Degitu from Ethiopia

Dotto from Tanzania

Jennifer from Nicaragua

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