July’s Manual Brew Method: Toddy

July 6, 2012

Coffee isn’t only made by magical machines that transform ground
beans into magic. Before machines, there was manually brewed coffee. Each month we feature a different manual brew method in the cafe. The special manual brew for the month is available from 1-5 p.m. in the café at $3 per cup. Because of the special features of this month’s method, the Toddy, we select your type for you and brew it ahead. However, normally, you may select ANY coffee type – which is fun because you can then try different types on different days in the featured manual style – and your cup of manual brew is brewed on the spot just for you!

Offering these monthly manual brew explorations is our way of making sure our customers experience these varied methods, without committing to the space requirements of having a “pour-over bar”. A pour-over bar allows multiple batches of pour-lover coffee to be brewed at once, side by side in a line, either by the customer or by the café – a very cool idea, but kind of a space taker-upper. And besides: we don’t mind creating your individual cup of coffee gold.

If you happen to love one of the manual methods that we demo, you can purchase the equipment to do it at home while you’re here! We feature a handful of different manual brew methods at A&E: ChemEx (like Mary Tyler Moore used to make!), Clever, Aeropress, Toddy, and French Press.
Toddy is good for this time of year because it’s cold pressed and it makes great iced coffee. The Toddy produces very strong coffee, has great body, and it’s really smooth. It is also rich in flavor.

Toddy is brewed with coarse-ground beans which are soaked for around twelve hours in room temperature or chilled water. Once soaking is completed, the grounds must be strained out of the liquid, using a paper filter or a fine sieve of some type (a French press can be used). The resulting coffee concentrate is versatile and can be served hot, served cold, diluted with water or milk and sometimes mixed with other delicious additions like chocolate. Some drinkers notice that cold-pressed coffee seems a little sweeter – that’s because it is less acidic than its hot-brewed brethren.

Come on in and try a cup of cold-pressed coffee and let us know what you think!


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