July Artist: Emily Archer

July 16, 2012

Our update on Hawaiian coffee is incoming but we wanted to make sure to share with you our July Artist: Emily Archer.

Emily Archer is an extraordinary fiber artist. Whether felting, quilting or otherwise manipulating textiles, her work is all about luxurious texture. She creates pure art pieces as well as utilitarian ones, including scarves, handbags, and intriguing stuffed animals. In either case, each piece is a journey in color, texture and layering.

In her own words: “My passion is in creating one-of-a-kind designs with hand-dyed silk and fine merino wool, for personal wear, home, business, and sacred space. Featherweight felted scarves and shawls, classy hats, vessels to hold cut flowers, elegant table dress, fiber “paintings” for wall or window, fragrant soaps-in-a-sweater, business banners, and more. No two hand-felted creations are alike. Custom work is always welcome!”

Emily has also been an A&E customer for a long time. She’s a good friend of the café and of the staff here and her work is just exquisite. Her work is for sale here in the café during the month of July and each piece has a tag on it with the price.



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