How Do You A&E?

May 31, 2013

We do love our community of customers, both regular and brand new, who come into the café for an excellent coffee experience. We get to know you, and your favorites, make recommendations, experiment with new specials each month, and hear your feedback. But here at A&E we are much more than just a café.

A&E really began simply, many years ago, with the roasting of the beans and a love of coffee. Now, we not only roast the beans, but we create your excellent coffee beverages. We sell our roasted beans to other businesses. We are not just a place to get a cup of coffee, but we also offer whole leaf teas, as well as great coffee and tea accessories. We have an online shop, available to you 24 hours a day. We offer classes to give you a peek into the whole process of your beverages, from start to finish. We offer events to make your holidays special, too.

Our wholesale business is more than just selling beans. We also have the credentials to teach others how to make great espresso drinks, and how to properly brew both coffee and tea, to make sure that they pass the best beverage experience on to their customers. We can also help you select the right coffees and teas to suit your needs and preferences. If you would like more information about the wholesale side of A&E, visit the Wholesale page of our website or call us at 603-578-3338.

Our online shop is a perfect place to stock up your home stash, and also to order and send gifts for family and friends! Many of our coffees or teas are available right there online – and if you don’t see something online that you have a question about, just call us and ask 603-578-3338.

If you’ve never been to the café, there’s a link right on our website that tells you more about what we offer, as well as the monthly drink specials.

Wondering what events may be coming up on the A&E calendar? Give us a call (603-578-3338) or poke around the accessories area of our online shop where you can find them listed, or see what’s around the corner.

What is YOUR favorite A&E offering?

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