Harvest Market: A Wholesale Partner

April 29, 2014

Wolfeboro HMAt the foundation of its mission, Harvest Market is about providing great food. Part farmer’s market and part supermarket, the three New Hampshire locations in Bedford, Wolfeboro, and Hollis strive for excellence in fast, friendly freshness. With Harvest Market’s strong local connection, A&E is proud to be a partner in supplying a quality coffee selection.

What does it mean to be a wholesale partner? At the core, it is meant to be a partnership, providing a platform to showcase each partner’s work. Harvest Market was no exception, and we are thrilled they have chosen to include A&E specialty coffees and whole leaf teas on their shelves. If you enjoy the products and presentations at the A&E Roastery, then keep an eye out for our blends at Harvest Market!

As a grocery store, Harvest Market features a wide array of quality products, from fresh-baked artisan breads and farm-to-table produce, to Certified Natural Angus Beef® and the most superlative cuts of pork, veal, and lamb available. Each of the three Harvest Market locations also showcases fresh seafood, specialty cheeses, and one of the best assortments of international fine wines and craft beers in the area.

A&E Coffee Roastery’s own mission is mirrored in Harvest Market’s commitment to excellence. We both strive to provide the best products in each of our edible endeavors. The next time you’re assembling the perfect ingredients for a special meal, take a look at Harvest Market’s daily specials, and be sure to grab some of A&E’s specialty coffee or whole-leaf tea while you are at any of the Harvest Market locations.

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