Family Craftsmanship

February 6, 2012

Talent runs in my family. My grandmother went to college on a trumpet scholarship. My brother and father are both talented artists and architects. My mother has amazing landscape design skills. I grew up with an appreciation for quality and fine works of craftsmanship, along with the time it takes to do things well.

When something is handmade, especially by a family member, it has special meaning. There are two handmade pieces of furniture in the cafe that are made by family members. Both are custom designed and made in less-than-optimal locations…my basement.

The coffe bin Emeran's brothr built for the cafe

The coffee cabinet that stores our coffee bins was made by my brother when we moved to our current location. It works amazingly well for being made with a skill saw and a power drill. That piece is critical to our cafe and I love it.

The other piece is the new sitting area bar counter. My dad made that over Christmas. Again it was custom made just for that spot. I asked him about “throwing something together” for that space, thinking it would be a slab of wood and some legs. The end result is so much better than what was mulling around in my head. It has some of my dad’s signature design elements, and I think of him every time I see it.


The new bar table in the cafe lounge, built by Emeran's dad.


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