Emeran’s Best of NH 2012 Picks

March 6, 2012

We ask you for your vote for the annual “best of” polls so we figured it was only fair to share ours. Here are Emeran’s picks for NH Magazine’s 2012 Best of NH.

If you think we’re “Best of NH” caliber, we would sincerely appreciate your vote. You can vote here through March 20.

If you need help filling out the minimum number of categories for your vote to count, consider voting for some of our favorites!

Emeran’s Picks

Soup: Extra Touch Gourmet
Caesar Salad: Giorgios, Merrimack
Sunday Brunch: Black Forest Cafe
Pancakes: Parker’s Maple Barn (They don’t have our coffee, but we love them anyway.)
Bagels: Elm Street Bagel (They may be potentially partnering with one of our new accounts in Keene.)
Bakery Bread: Great Harvest, Nashua
Brownies: Frederick’s Pastries
Cookies: Black Forest Cafe
Pies: Black Forest Cafe
Pastries: Dutch Epicure
Cakes: Dutch Epicure
Dessert Cafe: Planet Marshmallow
Chocolate: Swan Chocolates
Cupcakes: Crandall’s Blackberry Bakery
Nashua Ice Cream: Jakes
Monadnock Ice Cream: Kimballs
Concord Area Coffee Shop: True Brew Barista
Manchester Coffee Shop: J Dubs
Nashua Coffee Shop: A&E Custom Coffee Roastery (sorry fellow accounts!)
Local Winery: LaBelle Winery
Local Coffee Roaster: A&E Custom Coffee Roastery
Cup of Coffee: A&E Custom Coffee Roastery
Martini Bar: Giorgios Merrimack
Italian Restaurant: Giorgios Merrimack
German Restaurant: The Mile Away
Indian Restaurant: Indian Palace
Chinese Restaurant: San Fransisco Kitchen
Nashua Restaurant: Saffron Bistro (A new account!)
Chef: Tom P from Z
Fine Dining: Saffron Bistro
Locally Sourced Menu: The Rustic Leaf
Gourmet to Go: Extra Touch Gourmet
Missed Category: TEA: best tea selection, cup of tea


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