Emeran Takes Q Grader Course and Exam

October 29, 2013

While many people had Columbus Day off this month, our fearless leader Emeran was hard at work that entire week, as she made her first attempt at qualifying as a grader for the Q coffee grading system.

Q coffee grading is an industry-accepted standard for distinguishing specialty grade coffees. Only 40% of those who attempt it earn their license as a Q Grader.

As A&E grows and continues to work toward a more perfect cup of coffee, this qualification is key.

In Emeran’s words “As we move into direct sourcing coffee, having a Q Grader license will insure the quality of the coffee, both when we source it and when it actually arrives. Getting a Q Grader license adds a tremendous amount of legitimacy to our coffee program.”

The Q grading system is a process overseen by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). The Institute is a non-profit which focuses on improving the world’s coffee, as well as the lives of the people who produce it. Essentially, CQI believes that by ensuring a higher quality of the coffee produced, that this will increase the value of that coffee – and can’t help but have a beneficial impact on the producer. Better coffees demand a better price – it’s that simple – and this is in keeping with our belief in fair trade coffee production practices.

The Circle of Q Graders worldwide, is rather exclusive. You can see from the list of current Q Graders on the CQI website, that relative to the world population, this list is incredibly small – with some countries have only a tiny handful of graders, and some having none at all.

We’ve just gotten Emeran’s results and will be posting about them soon. Keep your eye out for additional news!

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