Day 9: The Gift of Gadgetry

Lemon Squeezer

December 16, 2014

You don’t have to be Inspector Gadget to appreciate the little gadgety things that make life so much simpler, and fun.

The greatest thing about gadgets? They are an affordable yet perfect exclamation point when paired with something a little more substantial (Tip: See Day 8 for Tea Time gifts). Of course, a solo gadget is always an ideal and unexpected stocking stuffer.

But for full-on gadget gusto, mix, match or gather them together for an instant and unforgettable go-go-gadget gift bag of fun. Read-on.

masonCuppow Mason Jar Lids: This gadget provides the perfect solution for those who prefer to drink from glass, find paper to-go cups wasteful, and love the eco-friendly idea of repurposing mason jars into cups. Cuppow sip-lids turn your already awesome canning jars into travel mugs. Made in the USA, Cuppow allows you to drink like a boss from virtually any wide or regular mouth canning jar. Just pop it on top of the jar, screw on the jar lid and you’re ready to rock, roll or just slurp your way through your favorite hot or cold beverage on the go, without fear of spillage ($10).

filtersG&H Perfect 1-cup Mesh Pincer Spoon: The name says it all – put a pinch of your favorite loose tea in this squeezy scissor-action “pincer” spoon and steep away! A nice gadget for brewing the single-cup of tea ($3.50).

T-Sac Single-Use Tea Filters: Super handy and convenient, these unbleached biodegradable single-use filters are made from sustainably-harvested American and Canadian wood pulp (that means for every tree cut, two are planted.) Sold in packs of 100, in two sizes ($7/$9).

timerThames Oasis Perfect Sand Tea Timer: Take the guess work out of tea time. The triple-set three-hourglass unit will let you know when your brew is ready – green sand for 3 minutes, yellow sand for 4 minutes, and black sand for 5 minutes. Also doubles as a great timer for poaching eggs, or perhaps playing games, doing homework quizzes or timing chores with the kiddos ($16).

Cuisinox Bird-shaped Lemon Squeezer: If you like a twist of lemon with your tea, then this little gadget will do the trick – no citrus juice on your fingers, no seeds in your tea cup, and the juice pours right out of the bird’s little stainless steel mouth ($6).

honeydipperHoney Dippers: Chances are, if you like a twist of lemon in your tea, you also enjoy a swizzle of honey on the side. We find this stainless steel version to be superior to the wooden dippers ($5).

whiskCeremonial Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk: Perhaps not ideal for the casual tea drinker, but for those who are familiar with the traditional Japanese tea ceremony involving high-grade powdered Matcha tea, this is the gadget. Known for its superior health benefits, including high concentration of antioxidants and calcium, Matcha tea making is like magic – add hot water and whisk. ($12). See your favorite A&E barista to learn more about our Matcha tea, made from the earliest buds of the highest grade of Gyokuro green tea.

If you’re looking for more ideas from our coffee and tea-themed 12 Days of Christmas,  read our previous posts to see what the clever elves at A&E are gifting this year to the coffee connoisseurs and tea aficionados on their holiday lists.

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