Day 7: Hard-pressed for ideas? The French press: Tres magnifique!

December 14, 2014

On the seventh day of giftmas, your true love had better come up with something better than some swans a-swimming.

Of course, nobody wants swans for Christmas. But the monotony of this holiday song implies that often holiday gift-giving can be hard. How do you come up with something novel yet welcome, day after day, or year after year?

Day-7-3If you don’t want to fall into that same, predictable gift rut this time around, take our advice: Day 7 of A&E’s 12 Days of Gifting brings you the French press, with a few options.

The Brazil Press ($20) by Bodum is a three-cup French press-style pot that relies on simplicity and the notion that good design doesn’t have to break the bank. With this completely drip-powered coffee maker you just add water to your A&E ground coffee and gravity does most of the rest of the work, with  just a little push on the handle to move the water through the coffee, leaving you with enough coffee for exactly two 12-ounce mugs. Great for college students, singles, or those who are the only coffee drinker in the home and hate using a huge pot to satisfy their own selfish need for a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Classic Chrome Chambord French Press ($40 for 8-cup; $60 for 12-cup) also by Bodum is beautiful to behold, based on the original French press design from the 1950s featuring glass with chrome accents, built to last. Just like the Brazil, the Chambord has no plugs or wires. It requires no electricity to operate. Just load it up with your favorite fresh-ground A&E coffee, add hot water and, voila!

The Travel Press ($20) great paired with a Brazil press and a pound of any favorite A&E select beans, for the one-cup a day coffee conscious connoisseur who is also on the go. It comes in a variety of colors, and is BPA-free. Why should you have to compromise on taste just because you have places to go and people to see?

If you’re looking for more ideas from our 12 Days of Gifting,  you can refer back to previous posts to see what the clever elves at A&E are gifting this year (besides swans).

On Day 1, we selected the A&E Travel Mug.
On Day 2, we selected the Chemex, a gift of form and function for the home brewer.
On Day 3, one of our baristas selected some beans with a backstory.
On Day 4, we selected local art with a holiday twist.
On Day 5, we selected socks, as bizarre as that sounds.
On Day 6 we selected some stocking stuffers.


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