Day 5: The Gift for the Eco-Conscious Coffee Connoisseur

December 12, 2014

Socks of all stripes are a great go-to gift item during the holidays.

However, giving CoffeeSock reusable coffee filters to your favorite eco-conscious coffee connoisseur is a total game changer, and will elevate your profile as a thoughtful gift giver.

Where to start: First of all, CoffeeSock filters are made of 100 percent organic cotton, and super easy to use – just dump yesterday’s grounds into the compost bin and rinse the filter. It will air dry in no time flat.

(Tip: Boil the filter before the first use since it will naturally shrink to the perfect size, cotton being cotton.)

CoffeeSock is also cost-efficient. Each CoffeeSock will last about a year, and costs about 25 percent less annually than that bag of paper filters you buy at the supermarket. They are available for systems that use #2, #4 filters, and ideal for your Chemex coffeemaker (see Day 2: Chemex coffeemaker.)

It’s also a great way for green-minded givers to help spread the ecological message, that less is more –  as in, less waste means more happy Earth for the rest of us to share.

These filters are made, full of pride, in the great big state of Texas, USA, and they actually improve the taste of your coffee, allowing all the natural deliciousness from the fresh-ground beans to flow through into your cup without the residual aftertaste you might get from other filter options, including paper, plastic or metal.

At $14, CoffeeSock makes for a great stocking stuffer – and at that price, you can buy a pair of CoffeeSocks and keep one for yourself!  Or wrap it up with a pound of our Holiday Blend coffee beans at $18.50 – or any of our specialty roasts.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas for people on your Christmas list, you can refer back to previous“12 Days of Christmas” posts.

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