Day 11: The Gift of the Grind

Coffee Grinder

December 18, 2014

For those who appreciate the difference freshly ground coffee makes when you’re brewing at home, the Kuissential Ceramic Burr Manual Grinder ($60) is just what you need. And if you haven’t been properly schooled, this coffee-centric accoutrement is here to elevate you from the same old supermarket grind.

This particular hand-grinder is especially wonderful for those who have avoided buying whole-bean coffee by the bag simply because you lack an efficient way to grind beans to perfection at home.

One unique twist on this human-powered grinder is that, relative to steel, ceramics last longer, absorb less heat, don’t rust, and make less noise. Plus, the ceramic burr mechanism won’t alter the flavor of the bean, capturing for you the fresh taste you’re chasing, and creating a uniform grind, every time.

The Kuissential manual grinder is easily adjustable to give you the desired grind size for your method of brewing, and the glass portion doubles as a storage container for any leftover grind, featuring a non-slip base that will stay steady during the grinding process. It’s easy to clean, and the glass is dishwasher safe.

And what would a grinder be without something sublime to grind?

A&E Roastery to the rescue – our comprehensive selection of fresh-roasted craft coffee beans will pair perfectly with this thoughtful gift idea. We have an array of exquisite coffees that range in flavor and price [$16.99-$34.99 per pound], depending on your taste in coffee. As always, buy 1 pound or more of the featured “house brew” beans and save 10 percent.

If you’re looking for more of our 12 Days of Giftmas,  read our previous posts to see what the clever elves at A&E have chosen for the coffee and tea lovers on your Christmas list!

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