Day 10: The Gift for the BYOB Enthusiast


December 17, 2014

Nothing tastes better than a delicious cup of coffee brewed to perfection by one of our skilled A&E Coffee & Tea baristas. We’ll give you that. But there are times when you just can’t make it out for a relaxing cup of coffee with friends.

For those times, we present the Bodum Chambord frother, so you can BYOB (Be Your Own Barista).

This handy item will help you create the creamiest froth this side of our coffee counter. Just pour the desired amount of cold milk into the glass carafe, up to 5 ounces, adjust the lid and plunge. It will take about 60-90 pumps to achieve maximum froth. Then dollop that creamy good stuff liberally into your coffee mug, close your eyes, and imagine you’re sitting in a cozy cafe.

Like it warm? Pop the carafe, minus the lid, into your microwave to bring the froth to the desired temperature before dolloping (is that even a word?).

At $25, this may seem like a luxury item for the most discriminating home coffee brewer. However, paired with one of our single-serve pour-overs or drip coffee pots, you will actually be able to drink fancy cafe-style coffee next time the power goes out –  as long as you have a fire pit or grill to heat some water.

And so, in that way, this frother is actually something of a survival tool: Barista v. The Winter Wilds of NH!

If you’re looking for more ideas to celebrate the coffee and tea-lovers in your life,  read our previous posts to see what the clever elves at A&E have chosen for the 12 Days of Christmas, A&E style:

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