Cosurca: A Café Femenino Foundation Success Story

April 2, 2014

A&E Coffee Roastery has a special treat for the gourmet coffee lovers of southern New Hampshire. We are extremely proud to debut Cosurca, our doubly fantastic new specialty coffee. Aromatically amazing, Cosurca is both an organic, fair-trade coffee bean from the rural mountains of Columbia and the latest gourmet coffee success story as a result of the equality-driven efforts from The Café Femenino Foundation.

Coffee in ColumbiaCosurca, is a Typica, Caturra varietal of gourmet coffee bean. From April through June, this distinguished coffee bean is harvested and water-processed above 6000 feet in the mountains of western Columbia. With an entrancing aroma of peaches, apricots, and tangerines, this gourmet coffee bean brews and blossoms into a full-bodied potion with the nutty richness of browning sugar and delicate hints of honeyed citrus.

While it’s not exactly breaking news that A&E Coffee Roastery and Whole Leaf Teas has been involved with the team players of the Café Femenino Foundation in the past, it is something quite remarkable when another fresh-pressed success story from Café Femenino comes to light. We believe, and we believe you’ll believe, that another enchantingly caffeinated success story has been uncovered in our team’s latest gourmet coffee offering.

For those of you unfamiliar with works of The Café Femenino Foundation, the wonderful people that comprise the core of this organization are a team of champions working for the benefit of women and families in coffee producing communities all over the globe. Engaged directly in communities, this team works to improve socioeconomic conditions by addressing issues of gender inequality, abuse, and systemic poverty. This organization’s enthusiastic work is an invaluable asset to the families, cultures, and economies of the coffee-producing world. Learn more about what’s happening and connect with Café Femenino on Facebook and the Café Femenino Foundation’s website.

We have a feeling everyone is going to fall in love with Cosurca and invite you to visit the A&E café to say hello and enjoy a fresh cup. While you are here, indulge your creative side exploring the works of our artist of the month and peruse our selection of specialty coffees and whole leaf teas. While you are there at your keyboard, take a second to stop by our Facebook page and tell us what you think or make a splash on Pinterest with the A&E Coffee crew.

For more information about this coffee view the Cafe Femenino product page.

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