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Comfort & Joy Holiday 2019

What does Comfort and Joy mean to you? It’s a good question to ponder as we enter this holiday season. Does the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas connotes feelings of comfort and joy? For me, just thinking about this time of year elevates my blood pressure. By the time November hits, we have been planning our holiday season for several months: sourcing product to line our retail shelves, purchasing coffees for our Coffee Stories Collections (read more about those in our next blog), finding the right packaging and artwork for the labels, hiring and training new staff…the list is pretty long. We also host staff meetings on how to prepare our front line customer advocates and baristas on how to manage elevated levels of stress and the overwhelmed customers. Adding all these factors up, the holidays in a retail setting can be dreadful.

Why Comfort and Joy?

As we head full steam into Holiday 2019, we wanted to create a touchstone for our customers and staff. This phrase, so often sung with a host of other Christmas carols, has real meaning. We want a phrase that resonates with a deeper sense of what the holidays are all about. Sure, we rely on shoppers spending money in our cafes and our wholesale accounts. But, how we can embody comfort and joy? How can our customers receive and give a little bit of comfort and joy? For starters, selecting gifts that have real meaning. Knowing a person enough to know what will put a smile on their face. How about the perfect mug filled with exquisite coffee or tea. Or, taking something that is part of a rote routine and adding a spark of joy, like replacing the bag of store coffee with one that bursts with flavor.

Creating Space

Not only have we worked months on bringing our customers, new and seasoned, a thoughtful selection of coffees, teas and gifts, we also are training our staff to embody the comfort and joy mindset. That means, being calm during rushes, smiling and speaking clearly, practicing grace with themselves, co-workers and customers. We want our spaces to be a haven for the weary and frazzled shopper, a comfortable space to take a few moments to pause and count blessing. Gratitude is such a powerful practice, finding joy in the things we have and being thankful.

We hope all the hard work bringing our Comfort and Joy holiday theme to you this year rubs off a little. May our home be a place where you can find the perfect gift for those in your life, and allow you to spread a little comfort and joy along the way.