Coffee Origins: A New Rwandan Bean

November 15, 2012

A new bean is here the café – the Rwanda. The Rwanda replaces the Tanzania. It is an African coffee, so it has a bright, citrusy flavor.

Rwanda is a tiny nation, landlocked in the center of Africa. Though it is landlocked, it

is rich in water, with 23 lakes, and many rivers, the waters of which flow as far as the Nile. In the past 20 years, Rwanda has been well-known for the genocide that killed over a million of its citizens, but Rwanda is currently working to redefine itself, and coffee is an important commodity in the rebuilding of Rwanda, the country. The quality of the bean is outstanding, and the impact in the coffee growing communities is so positive. When we can, we like to highlight a unique coffee that is making a real difference in the lives of the farmers, and this is one of those coffees.

This is a limited offering. We expect it to last through the holidays. The tart sweetness of apple and coco, should reel you right in.

A visit to the Coopac website tells you more about the coop generating this tasty brew – Coopac provides valuable centralization and resources for its members. Washing stations are a critical resource for members, as they allow members to get their cherries processed within the appropriate 12-hour window, to retain bean freshness. Only beans harvested the same day make it past reception at the washing station. The 12-hour window prevents the cherry from reaching the point where fermentation begins – fermentation can damage the bean within.

Once they have been selectively sorted, the cherries are moved along for pulping. Pulping removes the cherry, ideally without damaging the bean in any way. A damaged bean is more vulnerable to the elements (including bacterial invasion). This attention to detail pays off in the quality of their product.

Selection and pulping are just two of many steps in a bean’s life at the washing station. It is easy to see why a centralized washing station is of critical benefit to growers – particularly in a part of the world where a simple resource like plumbed water may not be available at a grower’s home or growing area.

The washing station is just one benefit of membership for Coopac members. Coopac also encourages women growers, who currently comprise just 10% of their membership, to be active and engaged in the business of growing. And of course, with fair trade wages offered to all growers, they keep their members economically healthy.

For more information on Coopac, please visit their easy to navigate website. For more information about the country of Rwanda, the Rwandan government website is also full of interesting information.

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