Coffee Feature: Our 2012 Holiday Blend, Let’s Discuss

November 27, 2012

Our 2012 Holiday Blend is here, and ready to make those special moments great. Like when the kids come to wake you up at 4am to open presents (after you’ve finally finished wrapping their presents and gone to bed) and you just don’t have the heart to send them back to bed (but you desperately need to wake up!). Like when you need to brace yourself for an afternoon spent with particularly taxing relations. And indeed, for those genuine moments of gratitude, warmth, and reflection, spent with cherished family, friends and traditions.

According to our official overview, the 2012 Holiday Blend has a little bit of everything to please all types of coffee drinkers, which makes it eminently sharable. It has some bright notes, balanced flavor and subtle robust finish. It is also organic, and fair trade too, which seems only right in a season of gratitude and kindness.

The aroma is citrusy, sweet, and rich. The taste? One of great contrast; bright and robust. The body is heavy, it holds its own, and the finish is long, and deep with citrus notes.

Our holiday blend is prepackaged in the café ready to be picked up for an easy grab and go gift. Butter up your hosts and hostesses, impress out-of-town guests, create agreement among the generations, and create a little slice of world peace right where you are. This 2012 Holiday Roast is undeniably good!

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