Ch-ch-ch-changes: The Coffee and Tea Selection Update

July 13, 2012

We’ve brought some great new products in for you…

New coffee coming in:

Dominican Republic – part of Café Feminino project, a program to support women coffee growers in rural communities around the world. This one is ready now in the café! It replaces the Kenya coffee – a special reserve that sadly, has come to an end.

Kona (the champagne of coffees) is BACK.

Kona coffee is back!

Our new wholesale coffee:

Honduras: It’s very similar to our Costa Rican, mellow, mild, smooth. A great blending coffee.

Gone daddy, gone:

The Uganda coffee. Bugisi Sipi Falls, our supplier, lost their organic certification. We are looking at a Rwandan coffee for the fall, to take its place.

Also gone: the Maui. See our next post about Hawaiian coffees!


We are re-sourcing some of teas, and bringing in more organics. We challenged Amber to reevaluate our tea collection and try to re-source the teas. The goal: Get more certified organic teas. We’ve sampled quite a few and have come up with some really great teas that we think our tea drinkers will enjoy.

New teas and organic upgrades:

Very berry (this is replacing Hibiscus Punch).
Blueberry is now organic.
Sencha is now organic.
Organic black chai is new.
Moroccan mint will be switching over to organic very soon.

We hate to lose old favorites, but we’re delighted to bring in your next favorites! Try the new ones and let us know what you think.

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