Water Quality and its Effect on Coffee

As with  all craft products, the raw ingredients used  in the process greatly impacts the final product. Along with proper tools and quality ingredients, the type of water used to brew coffee can greatly affect the how you might experience your coffee. Water Lingo:...

Coffee Jello: An American Classic

There are a lot of recipes that include coffee as an ingredient, but one of the simplest is also one of the most intriguing: Coffee jello. If you are not a jello fan, this one probably isn’t for you, but for the rest of us, it can be a fun treat, with lots of...

A Compendium of Coffee Facts!

This history of coffee is riddled with facts both true and false, both strange and stranger, both inspiring and repulsive. Here’s a collection of links guaranteed to entertain you with visions of coffee cherries (apparently they’re quite tasty) and legal and...
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